Infrastructure at WCBT:
WCBT has a separate three storied building of 17,500 sq.ft in the present sprawling campus of Walchand College of Arts and Science , Walchand Hirachand Marg, Ashok chowk, Solapur.


Tissue Culture Laboratory

Tissue Culture Laboratory Tissue Culture Laboratory

 WCBT has unique air conditioned Animal Tissue Culture and Plant Tissue Culture laboratories of 1000 sq.ft each, at present used for training and research in animal and plant tissue culture experiments respectively. The laboratory has been partitioned separate preparation room, inoculation room, incubation room and washing room. These laboratories are provided with sophisticated high-tech equipments.

Sr. No. Equipments
1.  Air Condition System
2.  Air Shower
3.  Autoclave
4.  Clean Air System
5.  CO2 Incubator
6.  Dissecting Microscope
7.  Electronic Balance
8.  Hot Plate
9.  Incubator
10.  Laminar Air Flow
11.  Hot air oven
12.  pH meter
13.  Refrigerator
14.  Tissue culture racks
15.  Water bath
16.  Camera Lucida
17.  Autoclavable fermentor
18.  Fire Extinguisher

Molecular Biology

Molecular Biology Molecular Biology

 Sophisticated air-conditioned Molecular Biology laboratory of 1000 sq.ft is made available at WCBT. It is utilized to conduct experiments for isolation, purification, digestion, ligation and amplification of DNA. The Laboratory is enriched by sophisticated equipments.

Sr. No. Equipments
1. PCR
2. Air condition System
3. Air Shower
4. Autoclave
5. Vertical Gel Electrophoresis unit
6. Combispin Centrifuge
7. 3D- Rocker
8. Gel documentation System
9. Heating block
10. Heat cool block
11. Horizontal gel electrophoresis
12. Hybridization oven
13. Incubator
14. Orbital shaker
15. Microplate shaker
16. PCR work station
17. pH meter
18. Refrigerator
19. Water bath


 Biochemistry Biochemistry


Well-designed Biochemistry laboratory with separate digestion chamber is functional for training the students in the basic Biochemical analysis concerned to carbohydrates, proteins, lipids etc. The lab has separate preparation room, working room, store room. It is supported by-

Sr. No. Name of Instruments
1. Top pan Balance
2. Multi point Vortex
3. Single Point Vortex
4. Colorimeter with charger
5. Centrifuge (R-8c )
6. Hot air oven
7. Hot plate
8. Magnetic stirrer
9. Olympus compound microscope
10. Dissecting Microscope
11. PH meter-cyberscan
12. Tissue homogeniser
13. Waterbath –Grant Bio Uk.
14. Bajaj mixer Twister
15. Refrigerator
16. General waterbath
17. Combispin Centrifuge Grant Bio Uk.


Microbiology Microbiology

 Well-equipped Microbiology Laboratory of 1100 sq ft.,capable of culturing all kinds of aerobic micro organisms. It is enriched by advanced equipment viz.

Sr. No. Name of Instruments
1. Autoclave
2. Biosafety cabinet
3. B.O.D Incubator
4. C.O.D Digestion Unit
5. Colourimeter with charger
6. Colony Counter
7. Top Pan Balance
8. Hot air oven
9. Hot Plate
10. Incubator
11. Microscopes
12. PH Meter
13. Rotary Shaker
14. Grant waterbath
15. Waterbath Thermostatic
16. Autoclavable Fermenter
17. Refrigerator
18. Olympus Monocular Microscope
19. Olympus Trinocular Microscope
20. MLXB-Binocular Microscope
21. Rotary Vaccum flash evaporator
22. High Speed Research Centrifuge
23. Adaptor & photo relay lens for Nicon Digital Camera coolpix
24. TDS meter
25. Soil Testing Kit
26. Water Testing Kit
27. Fluoride meter
28. Heating Mantle
29. Soxhlet Complete Borosil Unit
30. Nicon Coolpix L-22
31. Laboratory centrifuge
32. Lawrence & Mayo Microscope
33. Remi Revolutionary R-24 Rotor


Common Facility Centre (CFC)



The addition to present laboratories a Common Facility Centre is also established to suit easy access for unique instruments.

Sr. No. Name of Instruments
1. Cooling centrifuge
2. Deep Freezer (– 200C)
3. Inverted Microscope
4. ELISA –Reader
5. Shaking Incubator
6. MLX –Trinocular Microscope
7. U.V.Spectrophotometer
8. Air Condition system
9. Fermentor
10. FTIR
11. U.V Visible NIR Spectrophotometer
12. UPS


The department of the library has its library having encyclopedias, books, reports, dissertations, journals, magazine and newspapers etc. It is the heart of the department as it catches to the knowledge truth of the student. Attempts are made to update and upgrade the library.

  • The institute provides a very good facility of a well-equipped library, which is empowered with the latest informative and reference books. Under the guidance of the Principal, new titles, text books, reference books, periodicals, technical journals and magazines are added to the old stock to enrich the library. The Library department is well computerized department with LIBMAN Software, Nagpur.
  • In Library there are total 86573 books in which Senior Section has 60684 books, Junior Section has 18151 books & MSW department has 7,738 books.
  • There are 115 journals in different subject which are available for students in reading room.
  • Separate reading room facility is provided for students.
  • OPAC facility is available to all students and staff members.

Reading Room

The institute provides well equipped reading room facility for the students to utilize their extra knowledge base for Reading / Group Discussion / Revising and academic curricular and competitive topics. Also Students are accessing sports, science, business, economic, political, spiritual, and social and other entrepreneurship magazines and journal articles reviews.

Timings: 7.30 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Application of Information Technology:

a) Application of Barcode with magnetic Tattle tape for books available in the library was done.
b) Seven Computers have been installed for students & Research scholars to access internet & online Resources.
c) LIBMAN software used in the library to develop book..

Objectives of the Library:

  • To provide necessary resources for research in fields of special interest to the research scholars
  • To assist the college teachers in keeping abreast of development in his/her field.
  • To provide library facilities and services necessary for the success of all formal programmes of instructions.
  • Open the doors to the wide world of books that lie beyond the borders of one’s own field of specialization.
  • To bring books, students and scholars together under condition which encourage reading for pleasure, self-discovery, personal growth and the sharpening of intellectual curiosity
  • To provide modern literature print or digital to the research scholars to enhance their research ability.

Working Hours : 7.30 am to 05.30 pm (extends up to 10.00 pm in examination period)

Various Section of Library:

  • Acquisition Section
  • Technical Section
  • Circulation Section
  • Periodicals
  • Reference Section







General collection item include books, theses & Periodicals, Videos, DVD, CDs, Audio Cassettes.
Library is in possession of books and bound volumes of periodicals by the end of 31st Jan. 2012

Library is having rich collection of following documents :

  • Total Print Documents : 86573
  • Total E-Resources: 1. UGC INFONET -NLIST Consortium.
    2.DELNET Consortium
  • E-Journals : 3000
  • E-Books :75000
  • No. of C.D./ D.V.D. : 97







  • Home lending : Book Bank Scheme.
  • Information Services.
  • Departmental loan
  • Reservation book facility
  • Independent Study Room.
  • Interlibrary Loan Facilities.
  • Internet facility








 Computer Lab

 Computer Lab  Computer Lab

Computer science laboratory of 1000sq. ft.,has 30 desktop computer systems with 24 hour broad band internet facility.

Seminar Hall
A Seminar hall with a capacity of more than 200 students is also well equipped with audio-visual aids such as computer, LCD and audio system. The hall exclusively caters to the needs where more students are to be addressed.

The college also has facilities of separate Boy’s Hostel and Girls Hostel.