Prominant Alumini Details

1. Ms. Shama Mujawar(Project Assistant, Department of Biological Sciences, Sunway University, Malaysia)

My research interests are in the area of multidrug resistance in bacteria which I have developed with my bioinformatics and basic biotechnology skills especially in Drug Designing, Molecular Modeling and Dynamics and Next Generation Sequencing Data Analysis from our Bioinformatics department. So these skills benefitting for the Ph.D. program to pursue my Ph.D. thesis entitled “Developing Novel Health Intervention against Multidrug Resistant Bacteria” at Sunway University, Malaysia.

2. Miss. Rucha M. Wadapurkar(Ph.D. Research Fellow and Teaching Assistant (Bioinformatics) MIT School of Bioengineering Sciences and Research, MIT ADT University, Pune.)

I got very good exposure in the field of Bioinformatics , Computational Analysis of Next Generation Sequencing Data and its Applications in Clinical Oncology of Ovarian Cancer from our department of bioinformatics. The skill which I learned from teaching staff which give me confidence to purse my Ph.D and further education. Also the hands on experience of various bioinformatics software’s from our college which give me a good platform for obtaining the knowledge in the field of Biotechnology.

3. Ms. Ankita Awase(Ph.D. Schlor, Shenzhen University, China)

I am getting current opportunity to work in the field of Cancer genetics and cell lines at ACTRAC, Mumbai. I learned the concepts of Cell culture, molecular genetics from our genetics department which give me confidence to work in cancer genetics. Thus on the based on the skill which I learned from our department to get the opportunity along with fellowship to work as Ph. D Research Fellow in China. The college gives me a good support the entire application and selection process.

4.Mr.Rajendra Prasad Pulli(Senior Production Officer, Indian Immunologicals, Hyderabad)

I am working as Senior Production officer at Indian Immunological, Hyderabad in vaccines production department. I learned cell culture, vaccine designing, and drug designing skills, molecular biology techniques, instrumentation, and hands on microbiology skills from biotechnology department which help me to achieve the current position. The experience which learned from the theory and practical session in department which gives me a detailed knowledge for achieving the next position in my career.